Virotherapy or the virus against cancer

As the world leaders in the field of oncology are offering new methods and drugs for cancer treatment, ordinary people face difficulties to get things straight; understand, what is going on with them, and, what is more important, what will happen, if certain treatment method is applied; what will be the response of the body; will it be possible to stop the destructive process or at least pause it for some time. At the certain point you need to undertake all the responsibility and make the decision. It is the question of life, and you are not able to take something back or change something. Affected cells are multiplying really quickly, and the body is virtually destroying itself. The immune system is not functioning; it is not able to operate normally, because it does not distinguish the „good” cells from the „bad” ones. This is a well-known situation for the patients… It develops especially fast, if the diagnosis is melanoma. But the desire to live is so strong… However, if there is a problem, then the solution will also come. Our civilization managed to overcome various epidemics, which took more lives, than all the wars together. It will also be possible to overcome cancer. Moreover, we already have the necessary medicine.

More than half of the century ago, already in Soviet times, the virus, which is able to affect the malignant cells, was found. The brilliance of this method is that this virus is live, completely safe for healthy cells and the human body in general, namely, it cures, and is taken out of the body really quick. But it is not all. This virus is also an immunomodulator, which helps to boost the person’s own immune system. The medicine of the future, like nano-technologies. The patient during the therapy is able to maintain his usual daily routine – being home, doing ordinary things, perhaps, even working. No side-effects, no complex manipulations, no invasive procedures. The process of the treatment is almost not felt by the patient. The injections maybe implemented by any nurse, as no special preparation is needed. Doctors may handle the monitoring of the patient’s condition distantly. Just regular examinations to compare the results and choose the individual treatment scheme and rare consultations. It sounds too easy and simple, doesn’t it? But the rest depends on the patient himself, because such disease as oncology requires a lot of inner strength, the desire to live and fight. Not everyone can win this fight, not everyone can harness all of his willpower and say „I can and I will overcome cancer”.

Latvian doctors have big experience in treatment of various kinds of oncological diseases at different stages. The medicine has undergone clinical studies, is licensed and certified. Patients from more than 50 countries already are using this medicine. This small vial is prolonging live, improving the body’s condition and not harming it. This medicine has no analogues and is not very much known yet. However, the most important is to start the therapy on time the earlier possible to increase the chances for winning the battle against cancer. Latvian doctors, which are, by the way, the most experienced virotherapy specialists in the world, are doing their best to make virotherapy with Riga virus available for all the patients.

It is possible to receive consultation online – just send your clinical record and the lab tests. It is completely free of charge. To start the treatment it is necessary to come to Riga for some days, undergo the complex examination and make the necessary blood work. The following treatment process is very individual and depends on the stage of the disease and the condition of the patient. Currently, this treatment method, which has almost no counterindications, but, in turn, many positive outcomes, is becoming more popular in the world and increasing chances for survival.

If you or your loved ones are facing this disease, use this information. It may help to save someone’s life.

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